Temitope Tomiwa Dada Foundation  Community Outreach 2021
Tope Dada Quote : One strategy the devil use before attacking you, he turns your back to your source, the one that prays for you and the ones that stands as cover for you so as to weaken your defense, then he strikes.
Music / Lyrics: Tope Dada - Oba Ni o || Great Jehovah
Quote: Tope Dada - You become what you are exposed to
Music | Lyrics : Oba to ga ju (Greatest King) - Tope Dada (Tee Dreads)
Quote: Tope Dada (Tee Dreads) - Donโ€™t Quit
IWO LOBA (Youโ€™re the King) - Tope Dada (Tee Dreads)
(Video) GREAT JEHOVAH OBA NI O By Tope Dada @thetopedada
New Music Album: Gratitude || Tope Dada (Tee Dreads)
Moments from GRATOD 2021 Concert with Tope Dada