Lyric : Oloore - Michael Dominion ft Tee Dreads

• Song : Olore (My Benefactor)
• Artists: Michael Olawale Dominion and Tee Dreads 
• Produced by: T sound

Oloore Alanu Atinileyin wa
Atinileyin wa Olore

{Verse 1: Tee Dreads}
You are the mighty one in battle
You are the merciful and loving God
Oloore Oloore
Helper supplier provider for my needs
Helper of my soul Olore Oloore
Olugbeja mi olugbala mi olupese mi Atinileyin agbeninija Oloore


{Verse 2: Michael Dominion}
You are the lion of the tribe of Judah
Atinileyin wa Olore Oloore
The beginning and the end
The ancient of days Oloore Oloore
Mighty God awesome God awesome ruler I am that I am
Oloore Oloore

{Verse 3: Tee Dreads}
You are the bright and morning star
You are Kingy Kingy
You are Kingy Kingy
Oloore Oloore
Chukwuebuka ekeledirigi Chimo
Oloore Oloore

{Chorus }

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